.c.14.8 Summary of MATLAB Functions

A summary of the MATLAB functions are given in the following.  The information can be obtained directly from  MATLAB using the Help option.


.c2.14.8.1        Color (Color Control and Lighting Models)

Color controls.

 colormap- Color look-up table.

 caxis   - Pseudocolor axis scaling.

 shading - Color shading mode.


Color maps.

 hsv     - Hue-saturation-value color map.

 gray    - Linear gray-scale color map.

 hot     - Black-red-yellow-white color map.

 cool    - Shades of cyan and magenta color map.

 bone    - Gray-scale with a tinge of blue color map.

 copper  - Linear copper-tone color map.

 pink    - Pastel shades of pink color map.

 prism   - Prism color map.

 jet     - A variant of HSV.

 flag    - Alternating red, white, blue,

           and black color map.

Color map related functions.

 colorbar- Display color bar (color scale).

 hsv2rgb - Hue-saturation-value to red-

           green-blue conversion.

 rgb2hsv - Red-green-blue to hue-saturation

           -value conversion.

 contrast- Gray scale color map to enhance  image contrast.

 brighten- Brighten or darken color map.

 spinmap - Spin color map.

 rgbplot - Plot color map.

Lighting models.

 surfl   - 3-D shaded surface with


 specular- Specular reflectance.

 diffuse - Diffuse reflectance.

 surfnorm- Surface normals.

.c2.14.8.2 Datafun (Data Analysis and Fourier Transformations)

Basic operations.

 max      - Largest component.

 min      - Smallest component.

 mean     - Average or mean value.

 median   - Median value.

 std       - Standard deviation.

 sort      - Sort in ascending order.

 sum      - Sum of elements.

 prod      - Product of elements.

 cumsum   - Cumulative sum of elements.

 cumprod  - Cumulative product of elements.

 trapz    - Numerical integration using

            trapezoidal method.

Finite differences.

 diff     - Difference function and

            approximate derivative.

 gradient - Approximate gradient.

 del2     - Five-point discrete Laplacian.

Vector operations.

 cross    - Vector cross product.

 dot      - Vector dot product.


 corrcoef - Correlation coefficients.

 cov      - Covariance matrix.

 subspace - Angle between subspaces.

Filtering and convolution.

 filter   - One-dimensional digital filter.

 filter2  - Two-dimensional digital filter.

 conv     - Convolution and polynomial multiplication.

 conv2    - Two-dimensional convolution.

 deconv   - Deconvolution and polynomial  division.

Fourier transforms.

 fft      - Discrete Fourier transform.

 fft2     - Two-dimensional discrete

            Fourier transform.

 ifft     - Inverse discrete Fourier


 ifft2    - Two-dimensional inverse

            discrete Fourier transform.

 abs      - Magnitude.

 angle    - Phase angle.

 unwrap   - Remove phase angle jumps across 360 degree boundaries.

 fftshift - Move zeroth lag to center of


 cplxpair - Sort numbers into complex

            conjugate pairs.

 nextpow2 - Next higher power of 2.

.c2.14.8.3        Demos (Demonstration and Samples)


 expo, demo- Start up The MATLAB Expo and display splash screen.

 expomap   - Open the MATLAB Expo Main Map (avoids Expo splash screen).


 intro    - Introduction to MATLAB.

 inverter - Demonstrate the inversion of a matrix.

 buckydem - Connectivity graph of the

  Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.

 sparsity - Demonstrate effect of sparsity orderings.

 matmanip - Introduction to matrix


 delsqdemo- Finite difference Laplacian on various domains.

 sepdemo  - Separators for a finite element mesh.

 airfoil  - Display sparse matrix from NASA airfoil.


 funfuns  - Demonstrate functions that

            operate on other functions.

 fitdemo  - Nonlinear curve fit with

            simplex algorithm.

 sunspots - The answer is 11.08, what is the question?

 e2pi     - Which is greater, e^pi or pi^e?

 bench    - MATLAB Benchmark.

 odedemo  - Ordinary differential


 quaddemo - Adaptive quadrature.

 zerodemo - Zerofinding with fzero.

 fplotdemo- Plot a function.

 eigmovie - Symmetric eigenvalue movie.

 rrefmovie- Computation of Reduced Row Echelon Form.

 fftdemo  - Use of the fast finite Fourier transform.

 quake    - Loma Prieta Earthquake.

 census   - Try to predict the US

            population in the year 2000.

 spline2d - Demonstrate GINPUT and SPLINE  in two dimensions.


 graf2d   - Demonstrate XY plots in MATLAB.

 graf2d2  - Demonstrate XYZ plots in


 grafcplx - Demonstrate complex function  plots in MATLAB.

 lorenz   - Plot the orbit around the

            Lorenz chaotic attractor.

 xpsound  - Demonstrate MATLAB V4's sound capability.

 vibes    - Vibrating L-shaped membrane.

 xpklein  - Klein bottle demo.

 xfourier - Graphics demo of Fourier series  expansion.

 cplxdemo - Maps of functions of a complex variable.

 peaks    - A sample function of two


 membrane - Generate MathWorks's logo.

 penny    - Several views of the penny


 earthmap - View Earth's topography.

 sqdemo   - Superquadrics using UIControls.

 imagedemo- Demonstrate MATLAB V4's image capability.

 colormenu- Select color map.


 xplang   - Introduction to the MATLAB  language.

 graf3d   - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for surface plots.

 hndlgraf - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for  line plots.

 hndlaxis - Demonstrate Handle Graphics for axes.

SIMULINK/Simple Systems.

 simintro - A quick introduction to


 libintro - A quick introduction to the

            SIMULINK Libraries.

 simppend - SIMULINK system modeling a  simple pendulum.

 onecart  - SIMULINK system modeling a mass-spring system.

 bounce   - SIMULINK system modeling a  bouncing ball.

 vdp      - SIMULINK system modeling the Van der Pol equations.

SIMULINK/Complex Systems.

 dblcart1 - SIMULINK system modeling a  mass-spring system.

 dblpend1 - SIMULINK system modeling a double-pendulum system.

 dblpend2 - SIMULINK system modeling a  double-pendulum system.

 penddemo - SIMULINK system modeling an  inverted pendulum.

 dblcart  - SIMULINK system modeling a  double-cart system.

 thermo   - SIMULINK system modeling a  thermostat heating a house.

 f14      - SIMULINK system modeling an aircraft in flight.

SIMULINK/Advanced Products.

 xpaccel  - Provide information about the SIMULINK Accelerator.

 ccodegen - Provide information about the C-Code Generator.

Toolbox/Signal Processing.

 filtdem  - Signal Processing filter demo.

 filtdem2 - Demonstrate filter design


 sigdemo1 - Discrete-time Fourier transform of a signal.

 sigdemo2 - Continuous-time Fourier

            transform of a signal.

 phone    - Signal processing and the

            touch-tone phone.

Toolbox/System Identification.

 sysiddm  - Identify "hairdryer" system


 iddems   - Set up System Identification  command line demos.


 bandem   - Banana function minimization demonstration.

 optdems  - Set up Optimization command  line demos.

Toolbox/Neural Networks.

 bckprp12 - Demonstrate backpropagation.

 bckprp62 - Demonstrate backpropagation  with momentum.

 neural   - Neural network character


Toolbox/Control System.

 dskdemo  - Build controller for a disk

            read/write head.

 ctrldems - Set up Control System command line demos.

Toolbox/Robust Control.

 accdm2   - Demo of the 1990 ACC benchmark.

 rctdems  - Set up Robust Control command  line demos.

Toolbox/Mu-Analysis and Synthesis.

 xpmu     - Description of the Mu-Analysis and Synthesis process.

 mudems   - Set up Mu-Analysis and

            Synthesis command line demos.


 spapidm2 - Demonstrate spline


 spldems  - Set up Spline command line demos.

Toolbox/Symbolic Math.

 xpcalc   - Calculus operations.

 xpgiv    - Givens transformation.

Toolbox/Image Processing.

 xpimage  - Demonstrate some Image

            Processing capabilities.


 xppolytl - Interactively fit a polynomial

            to noisy data.

 statdems - Set up Statistics command line demos.


 knot     - Tube surrounding a three-

            dimensional knot.

 quivdemo - Demonstrate the quiver


 modes    - Plot 12 modes of the L-shaped  membrane.

 logo     - Display the MATLAB L-shaped  membrane logo.

 klein1   - Construct a Klein bottle.

 cruller  - Construct cruller.

 tori4    - Construct four linked tori.

 spharm2  - Construct spherical surface



 xpbombs  - Minesweeper game.

 life     - Conway's Game of Life.

 bblwrap  - Bubblewrap.


 truss    - Animation of a bending bridge truss.

 travel   - Traveling salesman problem.

 wrldtrv  - Great circle flight routes

            around the globe.

 makevase - Generate and plot a surface of


 logospin - Movie of The MathWorks' logo  spinning.

 crulspin - Spinning cruller movie.

 xpquad   - Superquadrics plotting


 spinner  - Colorful lines spinning through


Extras/Contact Info.

 contact1 - How to reach The

            MathWorks, Inc.

 contact2 - How to reach The MathWorks, Inc. by email.

 contact3 - How to reach international

            agents for The MathWorks, Inc.

 agents   - International distributors'

            locations and contact


.c2.14.8.4 Elfun (Elementary Math Functions)


 sin      - Sine.

 sinh     - Hyperbolic sine.

 asin     - Inverse sine.

 asinh    - Inverse hyperbolic sine.

 cos      - Cosine.

 cosh     - Hyperbolic cosine.

 acos     - Inverse cosine.

 acosh    - Inverse hyperbolic cosine.

 tan      - Tangent.

 tanh     - Hyperbolic tangent.

 atan     - Inverse tangent.

 atan2    - Four quadrant inverse tangent.

 atanh    - Inverse hyperbolic tangent.

 sec      - Secant.

 sech     - Hyperbolic secant.

 asec     - Inverse secant.

 asech    - Inverse hyperbolic secant.

 csc      - Cosecant.

 csch     - Hyperbolic cosecant.

 acsc     - Inverse cosecant.

 acsch    - Inverse hyperbolic cosecant.

 cot      - Cotangent.

 coth     - Hyperbolic cotangent.

 acot     - Inverse cotangent.

 acoth    - Inverse hyperbolic cotangent.


 exp      - Exponential.

 log      - Natural logarithm.

 log10    - Common logarithm.

 sqrt     - Square root.


 abs      - Absolute value.

 angle    - Phase angle.

 conj     - Complex conjugate.

 imag     - Complex imaginary part.

 real     - Complex real part.


 fix      - Round towards zero.

 floor    - Round towards minus infinity.

 ceil     - Round towards plus infinity.

 round    - Round towards nearest integer.

 rem      - Remainder after division.

 sign     - Signum function.

.c2.14.8.5 Elmat (Elementary Matrices and Manipulation)

Elementary matrices.

 zeros    - Zeros matrix.

 ones     - Ones matrix.

 eye      - Identity matrix.

 rand     - Uniformly distributed random


 randn    - Normally distributed random


 linspace - Linearly spaced vector.

 logspace - Logarithmically spaced vector.

 meshgrid  - X and Y arrays for 3-D plots.

 :         - Regularly spaced vector.

Special variables and constants.

 ans      - Most recent answer.

 eps      - Floating point relative


 realmax  - Largest floating point number.

 realmin  - Smallest positive floating

            point number.

 pi       - 3.1415926535897....

 i, j     - Imaginary unit.

 inf      - Infinity.

 NaN      - Not-a-Number.

 flops    - Count of floating point


 nargin   - Number of function input


 nargout  - Number of function output


 computer - Computer type.

 isieee   - True for computers with IEEE


 isstudent- True for the Student Edition.

 why      - Succinct answer.

 version  - MATLAB version number.

Time and dates.

 clock    - Wall clock.

 cputime  - Elapsed CPU time.

 date     - Calendar.

 etime    - Elapsed time function.

 tic, toc - Stopwatch timer functions.

Matrix manipulation.

 diag     - Create or extract diagonals.

 fliplr   - Flip matrix in the left/right


 flipud   - Flip matrix in the up/down


 reshape  - Change size.

 rot90    - Rotate matrix 90 degrees.

 tril     - Extract lower triangular part.

 triu     - Extract upper triangular part.

 :        - Index into matrix, rearrange  matrix.

.c2.14.8.6 Funfun (Function Functions)

Function functions - nonlinear numerical methods.

 ode23    - Solve differential equations,

            low order method.

 ode23p   - Solve and plot solutions.

 ode45    - Solve differential equations, high order method.

 quad     - Numerically evaluate integral, low order method.

 quad8    - Numerically evaluate integral, high order method.

 fmin     - Minimize function of one


 fmins    - Minimize function of several  variables.

 fzero    - Find zero of function of one


 fplot    - Plot function.

.c2.14.8.7        General (General Purpose Command)

Managing commands and functions.

 help    - On-line documentation.

 doc     - Load hypertext documentation.

 what    - Directory listing of M-, MAT-

           and MEX-files.

 type    - List M-file.

 lookfor - Keyword search through the HELP entries.

 which   - Locate functions and files.

 demo    - Run demos.

 path    - Control MATLAB's search path.

Managing variables and the workspace.

 who     - List current variables.

 whos    - List current variables, long


 load    - Retrieve variables from disk.

 save    - Save workspace variables to


 clear   - Clear variables and functions

           from memory.

 pack    - Consolidate workspace memory.

 size    - Size of matrix.

 length  - Length of vector.

 disp    - Display matrix or text.

Working with files and the operating system.

 cd     - Change current working directory.

 dir    - Directory listing.

 delete - Delete file.

 getenv - Get environment value.

 !      - Execute operating system command.

 unix   - Execute operating system command & return result.

 diary  - Save text of MATLAB session.

Controlling the command window.

 cedit  - Set command line edit/recall

          facility parameters.

 clc    - Clear command window.

 home   - Send cursor home.

 format - Set output format.

 echo   - Echo commands inside script


 more   - Control paged output in

          command window.

Starting and quitting from MATLAB.

 quit     - Terminate MATLAB.

 startup  - M-file executed when MATLAB is invoked.

 matlabrc - Master startup M-file.

General information.

 info     - Information about MATLAB and  The MathWorks, Inc.

 subscribe - Become subscribing user of


 hostid    - MATLAB server host

             identification number.

 whatsnew  - Information about new features not yet documented.

 ver       - MATLAB, SIMULINK, and TOOLBOX  version information.

.c2.14.8.8 Graphics (General Purpose Graphics Functions)

Figure window creation and control.

 figure  - Create Figure (graph window).

 gcf     - Get handle to current figure.

 clf     - Clear current figure.

 close   - Close figure.


Axis creation and control.

 subplot - Create axes in tiled positions.

 axes    - Create axes in arbitrary


 gca     - Get handle to current axes.

 cla     - Clear current axes.

 axis    - Control axis scaling and


 caxis   - Control pseudocolor axis


 hold    - Hold current graph.

Handle Graphics objects.

 figure   - Create figure window.

 axes     - Create axes.

 line     - Create line.

 text     - Create text.

 patch    - Create patch.

 surface  - Create surface.

 image    - Create image.

 uicontrol- Create user interface control.

 uimenu   - Create user interface menu.

Handle Graphics operations.

 set      - Set object properties.

 get      - Get object properties.

 reset    - Reset object properties.

 delete   - Delete object.

 gco      - Get handle to current object.

 drawnow  - Flush pending graphics events.

 newplot  - M-file preamble for NextPlot


 findobj  - Find objects with specified

            property values.

Hardcopy and storage.

 print   - Print graph or save graph to


 printopt- Configure local printer


 orient  - Set paper orientation.

 capture - Screen capture of current



Movies and animation.

 moviein - Initialize movie frame memory.

 getframe- Get movie frame.

 movie   - Play recorded movie frames.


 ginput   - Graphical input from mouse.

 ishold   - Return hold state.

 graymon  - Set graphics window defaults for gray-scale monitors.

 rbbox    - Rubberband box.

 rotate   - Rotate an object about a

            specified direction.

 terminal - Set graphics terminal type.

 uiputfile- Put up dialog box for saving


 uigetfile- Put up dialog box which queries for file names.

 whitebg  - Set graphics window defaults  for white background.

 zoom     - Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot.

 waitforbuttonpress- Wait for key/buttonpress over figure.

.c2.14.8.9 Iofun (Low-Level File I/O Functions)

File opening and closing.

 fopen    - Open file.

  fclose  - Close file.

Unformatted I/O.

 fread    - Read binary data from file.

 fwrite   - Write binary data to file.

Formatted I/O.

 fscanf   - Read formatted data from file.

 fprintf  - Write formatted data to file.

 fgetl    - Read line from file, discard

            newline character.

 fgets    - Read line from file, keep

            newline character.

File positioning.

 ferror   - Inquire file I/O error status.

 feof     - Test for end-of-file.

 fseek    - Set file position indicator.

 ftell    - Get file position indicator.

 frewind  - Rewind file.

String conversion.

 sprintf  - Write formatted data to string.

 sscanf   - Read string under format


File Import/Export Routines.


WK1 Format.

 wk1const - WK1 record definitions.

 wk1read  - Read WK1 file/range.

 wk1write - Write out matrix in a WK1

            formatted file.

 wk1wrec  - Write a WK1 record header.

CSV Format.

 csvread  - Read Comma Separated Value formatted file into a matrix.

 csvwrite - Write out matrix in a CSV

            formatted file.

ASCII Delimited Format.

 dlmread  - Read ASCII delimited file into a matrix.

 dlmwrite - Write out matrix in ASCII

            delimited file format.

.c2.14.8.10 Lang (Language Constructs and Debuggings)

MATLAB as a programming language.

 script   - About MATLAB scripts and M-files.

 function - Add new function.

 eval     - Execute string with MATLAB expression.

 feval    - Execute function specified by string.

 global   - Define global variable.

 nargchk  - Validate number of input


 lasterr  - Last error message.

Control flow.

 if     - Conditionally execute statements.

 else   - Used with IF.

 elseif - Used with IF.

 end    - Terminate the scope of FOR, WHILE and IF statements.

 for    - Repeat statements a specific

          number of times.

 while  - Repeat statements an indefinite number of times.

 break  - Terminate execution of loop.

 return - Return to invoking function.

 error  - Display message and abort


Interactive input.

 input     - Prompt for user input.

 keyboard  - Invoke keyboard as if it were a Script-file.

 menu      - Generate menu of choices for user input.

 pause     - Wait for user response.

 uimenu    - Create user interface menu.

 uicontrol - Create user interface control.

Debugging commands.

 dbstop   - Set breakpoint.

 dbclear  - Remove breakpoint.

 dbcont   - Resume execution.

 dbdown   - Change local workspace context.

 dbstack  - List who called whom.

 dbstatus - List all breakpoints.

 dbstep   - Execute one or more lines.

 dbtype   - List M-file with line numbers.

 dbup     - Change local workspace context.

 dbquit   - Quit debug mode.

 mexdebug - Debug MEX-files.

.c2.14.8.11 Matfun (Matrix Functions)

Matrix analysis.

 cond     - Matrix condition number.

 norm     - Matrix or vector norm.

 rcond    - LINPACK reciprocal condition


 rank     - Number of linearly independent  rows or columns.

 det      - Determinant.

 trace    - Sum of diagonal elements.

 null     - Null space.

 orth     - Orthogonalization.

 rref     - Reduced row echelon form.

Linear equations.

 \ and /  - Linear equation solution; use

            "help slash".

 chol     - Cholesky factorization.

 lu       - Factors from Gaussian


 inv      - Matrix inverse.

 qr       - Orthogonal-triangular


 qrdelete - Delete a column from the QR


 qrinsert - Insert a column in the QR


 nnls     - Non-negative least-squares.

 pinv     - Pseudoinverse.

 lscov    - Least squares in the presence of known covariance.

Eigenvalues and singular values.

 eig      - Eigenvalues and


 poly     - Characteristic polynomial.

 polyeig  - Polynomial eigenvalue problem.

 hess     - Hessenberg form.

 qz       - Generalized eigenvalues.

 rsf2csf  - Real block diagonal form to

            complex diagonal form.

 cdf2rdf  - Complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form.

 schur    - Schur decomposition.

 balance  - Diagonal scaling to improve eigenvalue accuracy.

 svd      - Singular value decomposition.

Matrix functions.

 expm     - Matrix exponential.

 expm1    - M-file implementation of expm.

 expm2    - Matrix exponential via Taylor


 expm3    - Matrix exponential via

            eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

 logm     - Matrix logarithm.

 sqrtm    - Matrix square root.

 funm     - Evaluate general matrix


.c2.14.8.12 OPS (Operators and Special Characters)

Arithmetic and Matrix Operators.

Char    Name                    HELP topic

 +      Plus arith

 -      Minus arith

 *      Matrix multiplication  arith

 .*     Array multiplication arith

 ^      Matrix power arith

 .^     Array power arith

 \      Backslash or left division slash

 /      Slash or right division    slash

 ./     Array division             slash

 kron   Kronecker tensor product   kron

 :      Colon                      colon

 ( )    Parentheses paren

 [ ]    Brackets paren

 .      Decimal point  punct

 ..     Parent directory punct

 ...    Continuation   punct

 ,      Comma      punct

 ;      Semicolon   punct

 %      Comment  punct

 !      Exclamation point punct

 '      Transpose and quote punct

 =      Assignment punct

 ==     Equality  relop

 < >    Relational operators  relop

 &     Logical AND    relop

 |      Logical OR  relop

 ~      Logical NOT  relop

 xor    Logical EXCLUSIVE OR  xor

Logical characteristics.

 exist    - Check if variables or functions are defined.

 any      - True if any element of vector is true.

 all      - True if all elements of vector are true.

 find     - Find indices of non-zero


 isnan    - True for Not-A-Number.

 isinf    - True for infinite elements.

 finite   - True for finite elements.

 isempty  - True for empty matrix.

 isreal   - True for real matrix.

 issparse - True for sparse matrix.

 isstr    - True for text string.

 isglobal - True for global variables.

.c2.14.8.13 Plotxy (Two-Dimensional Graphics)

Elementary X-Y graphs.

 plot    - Linear plot.

 loglog  - Log-log scale plot.

 semilogx- Semi-log scale plot.

 semilogy- Semi-log scale plot.

 fill    - Draw filled 2-D polygons.

Specialized X-Y graphs.

 polar   - Polar coordinate plot.

 bar     - Bar graph.

 stem    - Discrete sequence or "stem"


 stairs  - Stairstep plot.

 errorbar- Error bar plot.

 hist    - Histogram plot.

 rose    - Angle histogram plot.

 compass - Compass plot.

 feather - Feather plot.

 fplot   - Plot function.

 comet   - Comet-like trajectory.


Graph annotation.

 title   - Graph title.

 xlabel  - X-axis label.

 ylabel  - Y-axis label.

 text    - Text annotation.

 gtext   - Mouse placement of text.

 grid    - Grid lines.

.c2.14.8.14 Plotxyz (Three-Dimensional Graphics)

Line and area fill commands.

 plot3    - Plot lines and points in 3-D


 fill3    - Draw filled 3-D polygons in 3-D space.

 comet3   - 3-D comet-like trajectories.


Contour and other 2-D plots of 3-D data.

 contour  - Contour plot.

 contour3 - 3-D contour plot.

 clabel   - Contour plot elevation labels.

 contourc - Contour plot computation (used by contour).

 pcolor   - Pseudocolor (checkerboard)


 quiver   - Quiver plot.

Surface and mesh plots.

 mesh     - 3-D mesh surface.

 meshc    - Combination mesh/contour plot.

 meshz    - 3-D Mesh with zero plane.

 surf     - 3-D shaded surface.

 surfc    - Combination surf/contour plot.

 surfl    - 3-D shaded surface with


 waterfall- Waterfall plot.

Volume visualization.

 slice    - Volumetric visualization plots.


Graph appearance.

 view     - 3-D graph viewpoint


 viewmtx  - View transformation matrices.

 hidden   - Mesh hidden line removal mode.

 shading  - Color shading mode.

 axis     - Axis scaling and appearance.

 caxis    - Pseudocolor axis scaling.

 colormap - Color look-up table.


Graph annotation.

 title    - Graph title.

 xlabel   - X-axis label.

 ylabel   - Y-axis label.

 zlabel   - Z-axis label for 3-D plots.

 text     - Text annotation.

 gtext    - Mouse placement of text.

 grid     - Grid lines.

3-D objects.

 cylinder - Generate cylinder.

 sphere   - Generate sphere.

.c2.14.8.15 Polyfun (Polynomial and Interpolation Functions)


 roots    - Find polynomial roots.

 poly     - Construct polynomial with

            specified roots.

 polyval  - Evaluate polynomial.

 polyvalm - Evaluate polynomial with matrix argument.

 residue  - Partial-fraction expansion


 polyfit  - Fit polynomial to data.

 polyder  - Differentiate polynomial.

 conv     - Multiply polynomials.

 deconv   - Divide polynomials.

Data interpolation.

 interp1  - 1-D interpolation (1-D table


 interp2  - 2-D interpolation (2-D table


 interpft - 1-D interpolation using FFT


 griddata - Data gridding.

Spline interpolation.

 spline   - Cubic spline data


 ppval    - Evaluate piecewise polynomial.

.c2.14.8.16 Sparfun (Sparce Matrix Functions)

Elementary sparse matrices.

 speye    - Sparse identity matrix.

 sprandn  - Sparse random matrix.

 sprandsym- Sparse symmetric random matrix.

 spdiags  - Sparse matrix formed from


Full to sparse conversion.

 sparse   - Create sparse matrix from

            nonzeros and indices.

 full     - Convert sparse matrix to full matrix.

 find     - Find indices of nonzero


 spconvert- Convert from sparse matrix

            external format.

Working with nonzero entries of sparse matrices.

 nnz      - Number of nonzero entries.

 nonzeros - Nonzero entries.

 nzmax    - Amount of storage allocated for  nonzero entries.

 spones   - Replace nonzero entries with  ones.

 spalloc  - Allocate memory for nonzero entries.

 issparse - True if matrix is sparse.

 spfun    - Apply function to nonzero


Visualizing sparse matrices.

 spy      - Visualize sparsity structure.

 gplot    - Plot graph, as in "graph


Reordering algorithms.

 colmmd   - Column minimum degree.

 symmmd   - Symmetric minimum degree.

 symrcm   - Reverse Cuthill-McKee ordering.

 colperm  - Order columns based on nonzero  count.

 randperm - Random permutation vector.

 dmperm   - Dulmage-Mendelsohn             decomposition.

Norm, condition number, and rank.

 normest  - Estimate 2-norm.

 condest  - Estimate 1-norm condition.

 sprank   - Structural rank.

Operations on trees.

 treelayout- Lay out a tree or forest.

 treeplot  - Plot a picture of a tree.

 etree     - Elimination tree of a matrix.

 etreeplot - Plot the elimination tree.


 symbfact  - Symbolic factorization


 spparms  - Set parameters for sparse

            matrix routines.

 spaugment- Form least squares augmented system.

.c2.14.8.17 Specfun (Specialized Math Function)

 besselj  - Bessel function of the first


 bessely  - Bessel function of the second  kind.

 besseli  - Modified Bessel function of the first kind.

 besselk  - Modified Bessel function of the second kind.

 beta     - Beta function.

 betainc  - Incomplete beta function.

 betaln   - Logarithm of beta function.

 ellipj   - Jacobi elliptic functions.

 ellipke  - Complete elliptic integral.

 erf      - Error function.

 erfc     - Complementary error function.

 erfcx    - Scaled complementary error  function.

 erfinv   - Inverse error function.

 expint   - Exponential integral function.

 gamma    - Gamma function.

 gcd      - Greatest common divisor.

 gammainc - Incomplete gamma function.

 lcm      - Least common multiple.

 legendre - Associated Legendre function.

 gammaln  - Logarithm of gamma function.

 log2     - Dissect floating point numbers.

 pow2     - Scale floating point numbers.

 rat      - Rational approximation.

 rats     - Rational output.

 cart2sph - Transform from Cartesian to

            spherical coordinates.

 cart2pol - Transform from Cartesian to

            polar coordinates.

 pol2cart - Transform from polar to

            Cartesian coordinates.

 sph2cart - Transform from spherical to

            Cartesian coordinates.

.c2.14.8.18 Specmat (Specialized Matrices)

 compan   - Companion matrix.

 gallery  - Several small test matrices.

 hadamard - Hadamard matrix.

 hankel   - Hankel matrix.

 hilb     - Hilbert matrix.

 invhilb  - Inverse Hilbert matrix.

 kron     - Kronecker tensor product.

 magic    - Magic square.

 pascal   - Pascal matrix.

 rosser   - Classic symmetric eigenvalue test problem.

 toeplitz - Toeplitz matrix.

 vander   - Vandermonde matrix.

 wilkinson- Wilkinson's eigenvalue test


.c2.14.8.19 Sounds (Sound Processing Functions)

General sound functions.

 sound    - Convert vector into sound.

 saxis    - Sound axis scaling.

Computer-specific sound functions.

 auwrite  - Write mu-law encloded audio  file.

 auread   - Read mu-law encloded audio  file.

 wavwrite - Write MS Windows .WAV audio file.

 wavread  - Read MS Windows .WAV audio file.

 mu2lin   - Mu-law to linear conversion.

 lin2mu   - Linear to mu-law conversion.

.c2.14.8.20 Strfun (Character String Functions)


 strings  - About character strings in


 abs      - Convert string to numeric


 setstr   - Convert numeric values to


 isstr    - True for string.

 blanks   - String of blanks.

 deblank  - Remove trailing blanks.

 str2mat  - Form text matrix from

            individual strings.

 eval     - Execute string with MATLAB expression.

String comparison.

 strcmp   - Compare strings.

 findstr  - Find one string within another.

 upper    - Convert string to uppercase.

 lower    - Convert string to lowercase.

 isletter - True for letters of the


 isspace  - True for white space


 strrep   - Replace a string with another.

 strtok   - Find a token in a string.

String to number conversion.

 num2str  - Convert number to string.

 int2str  - Convert integer to string.

 str2num  - Convert string to number.

 sprintf  - Convert number to string under format control.

 sscanf   - Convert string to number under  format control.

Hexadecimal to number conversion.

 hex2num  - Convert hex string to IEEE  floating point number.

 hex2dec  - Convert hex string to decimal  integer.

 dec2hex  - Convert decimal integer to hex   string.